For years, teaching mathematics in general and probability theory in particular has been an important and enjoyable part of my academic life. Since 04/2024, I have been a lecturer and authorized examiner at Paderborn University (Germany). In my own responsibility, I am lecturing or planning to lecture, respectively, the following courses:

  • Summer 2024: Mathematics for Economists IV (introduction to probability theory and mathematical finance)
  • Winter 2024/25: Elements of Mathematics: Graph Theory (advanced course for future teachers)

In theses courses, I am in charge of organizational matters as well. This summer, I am guiding a teaching assistant, who takes care of the exercise classes. Next winter, I will instruct the problem sessions myself.


Teaching Assistant

During my time as a scientific assistant at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) from 10/2018 to 03/2024, the vast majority of my time was devoted to teaching (cf. the job profile in the Education & Positions section).

In 11/2023, I was awarded with the 2023 Departmental Athene Award for Good Teaching in Mathematics by the Carlo and Karin Giersch foundation at TU Darmstadt, based on a recommendation of the student council of mathematics and by decision of the university senate.

As a teaching assistant, I was responsible for the following courses:

  • Winter 2023/24: Statistics for Business, Economics and Cognitive Science (lecturer: Frank Aurzada)
  • Summer 2023: Introduction to Stochastics (lecturer: Robert Haller)
  • Winter 2022/23: Statistics for Business, Economics and Cognitive Science (lecturer: Frank Aurzada)
  • Summer 2022: Measure and Integration Theory (lecturer: Robert Haller)
  • Winter 2021/22: Probability Theory (lecturer: Frank Aurzada)
  • Summer 2021: Introduction to Stochastics (lecturer: Frank Aurzada)
  • Winter 2020/21: Probability Theory (lecturer: Volker Betz)
  • Summer 2020: Statistics of Stochastic Processes (lecturer: Cornelia Wichelhaus)
  • Winter 2019/20: Stochastic Processes I (lecturer: Frank Aurzada)
  • Summer 2019: Analysis II (lecturer: Steffen Roch)
  • Winter 2018/19: Analysis I (lecturer: Steffen Roch)

In these courses, I created weekly exercise sheets, managed teams of up to 14 student assistants, taught exercise classes (small groups and whole course), offered office hours and substituted lecturers. Besides, I was responsible for organizational matters and inquiries related to the courses - including remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, I created, supervised and corrected written exams or assisted oral exams, both in the courses mentioned above and in dozens of others, such as:

  • Complex Analysis
  • Functional Analysis
  • Introduction to Mathematical Finance
  • Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
  • Mathematical Statistical Mechanics
  • Mathematics I for Applied Geosciences
  • Mathematics I for Computer Science
  • Non-Life Insurance Mathematics
  • Random Matrices
  • Side-Channel Attacks Against IT-Systems

Each semester, I offered weekly special office hours in the Study Center Mathematics, primarily aimed at general mathematical questions of undergraduate math students and non-mathematicians.

Student Assistant

During my time as a Bachelor's and Master's student at TU Darmstadt, I was a student assistant in the following courses:

  • Summer 2018: Introduction to Stochastics (lecturer: Frank Aurzada)
  • Winter 2017/18: semester abroad at National University of Singapore
  • Summer 2017:  Introduction to Stochastics (lecturer: Volker Betz)
  • Winter 2016/17: Probability Theory (lecturer: Matthias Meiners)
  • Summer 2016: Analysis II (lecturer: Robert Haller-Dintelmann)
  • Winter 2015/16: Analysis I (lecturer: Robert Haller-Dintelmann)
  • Winter 2015/16: Statistics for Business, Economics and Cognitive Science (lecturer: Frank Aurzada)
  • Summer 2015: Analysis II (lecturer: Reinhard Farwig)
  • Winter 2014/15: Analysis I (lecturer: Reinhard Farwig)

My responsibilities included teaching of exercise classes (20 students on average), consultation hours for homework assignments as well as the correction and grading of these assignments.

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